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APR Riscos Corretora de Seguros Ltda (“APR Seguros”) is committed to your privacy. The privacy protection of your data reflects the values ​​of APR Seguros and reaffirms our commitment to the continuous improvement of data protection effectiveness. For this purpose, APR Seguros presents this privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”), whose objective is to inform, in a simple and transparent way, the way of processing the personal data of its Holders (“Holder”, “Holders” or “you”), from its collection to its disposal.

For the purposes of this Privacy Policy only, the term “Holder” includes the (i) individual who contacts APR Seguros directly; (ii) an employee of any company for whom APR Seguros provides brokerage services, who will be included as an insured or beneficiary in a policy contracted by said company; (iii) any other individual who may have their personal data processed by APR Seguros in the context of quotation, intermediation of the relationship with the insurer or health operator and insurance management, such as beneficiary of a life insurance policy, among other cases.

The rules set forth herein must be interpreted in conjunction with other applicable provisions, especially those arising from the legislation in force.

If you do not agree with any of the provisions of this Privacy Policy or have questions about how APR Seguros treats your data, please contact us at protecaodedados@aprseguros.com.br or on our website through from the Contacts > Data Protection channel (www.aprseguros.com.br/protecaoodedados) .

I. Collected Data

APR Seguros may process the personal data listed below:

• Registration and professional information. Full name; CPF, RG, CNH number; birth date; email; complete address; marital status; profession; mobile and telephone number; age;

• Family information, such as: information about the relationship between Members (eg relationship between an insured and the second driver to be covered by the vehicle’s insurance);

• Financial information, such as: income, information for credit analysis and verification of a politically exposed person;

• Specific data on the insurance to be taken out: information related to the lines of insurance to be taken out by the Holder or on behalf of the Holder, such as insured amount, policy number, if there was a claim, conditions of the contracted policy, among others. APR Seguros may also process data related to the use of the insurance or plan contracted by the Holder.

• Other sensitive data. If the Card Holder is contracting, directly or via his employer, a life insurance or health plan or insurance, APR Seguros may request the completion of a health declaration that, as a rule, requires information about personal and family medical history, habits (smoking, alcoholism, etc.), information on weight and height, pre-existing diseases and comorbidities.

• Data on the insured vehicle, in the event that the Holder (directly or indirectly) is contracting insurance for his vehicle, APR Seguros may request information about the vehicle itself (for example, model, year, chassis, among others), identification of drivers, vehicle owner, the route that drivers usually take with this vehicle (for example, average daily mileage, type of vehicle use, among others) and the conditions of the places where the vehicle is parked throughout the day and night (for example, if there is a garage at the Card Holder’s residence and/or work to protect the vehicle).

• Data on the insured property, when the Holder (directly or indirectly) is contracting insurance related to a property (residential insurance or rental guarantee guarantee insurance), APR Seguros may request information about said property and eventual lease (for example , property address, type of construction, rent amount, amount of applicable charges, property owner and tenant data, among others).

• Data on other insured assets, when the Holder (directly or indirectly) is contracting insurance related to a bicycle, portable equipment or animal, APR Seguros may request specific information about the beneficiary and these assets or animals.

The personal data collected and processed by APR Seguros will depend on the insurance or service to be contracted by the Holder and the requirements of the insurer. In addition, data from Holders who do not contract the insurance, plan or service directly (for example, when the insurance is contracted by the Holder’s employer or when the Holder is a dependent of the insurance and not the contracting party itself) will also be treated in the as necessary. Thus, personal data may be collected directly from the Holder or by other sources, such as the employer who is contracting the insurance on behalf of the Holder.

Even in the event of claim adjustment, APR Seguros may request additional information about such claim, which may include sensitive data related to the health of the Card Holder or third parties involved in the claim. In any event, APR Seguros undertakes to only process relevant personal data to achieve the purpose of the treatment.

II. Purpose of data collection

The personal data collected is processed by APR Seguros for the following purposes:

Analysis of the Holder’s profile for the purpose of identifying the need and the best insurance or plan for such Holder;
Quotation of insurance and plans on behalf of the Holder in various insurance companies or operators, seeking the most suitable coverage and values ​​for the Holder and presentation of proposals to the Holders;
Effectiveness of the proposal, formalization of the contracting and transmission and implementation of the proposal in the system of insurance companies or operators after acceptance by the Holder;
Inclusion or exclusion of Holders in collective policies;
Service to the Holder and dealings with doubts, complaints or suggestions;
Assistance in the insurance renewal or cancellation process;
Assistance, guidance and document monitoring of claims;
Analysis of the loss ratio of policies and management of the relationship between APR Seguros and the companies/stipulators linked to the Holders;
Conference of amounts charged by insurers or operators for payment by the Holder or by the company/stipulator to which the Holder is bound;
Sending communications about our products and services, as well as other relevant information about APR Seguros;
Improvement of commercial and promotional initiatives of APR Seguros, as well as improvement of content offers and personalized products that may interest the Holder;
To comply with legal or regulatory obligations.

III. information sharing

APR Seguros will share your personal information with insurers, reinsurers, service providers that are relevant for the purposes of enabling services provided by this broker. Said sharing takes place based on the following criteria and for the purposes described below.

Technology Service Providers:
APR Seguros uses some third-party technology tools. These providers receive your information for the specific purpose of providing services to the broker and do not have any rights to use your information outside of this hypothesis.

Health Insurance Companies or Operators:
There is an important flow of personal data sharing between APR Seguros and insurance companies or operators for the purpose of intermediating the relationship of such companies with the Card Holder or with the company/stipulator to which the Card Holder is linked. APR Seguros will share all personal data required by the insurer or operator for quotation, submission of proposal and subsequent formalization and management of the policy, as well as receiving some data regarding the policies and the use of coverage by the Holders for analysis and monitoring purposes. .

In some cases, APR Seguros shares or receives personal data from partners to carry out insurance intermediation.

Request from the Judiciary, Government Authorities or other Competent Bodies:
APR may share personal data in case of a court request or upon determination of government authorities or other competent bodies, such as the National Supplementary Health Agency (“ANS”) under the terms of law.

Data sent abroad:
APR Seguros may transfer your personal data to insurance and reinsurance brokers, insurers and reinsurers located abroad or providers that have servers located abroad. When your personal data is transferred outside Brazil, APR Seguros and its service providers will take appropriate measures to ensure adequate protection of your personal data in accordance with the requirements of applicable data protection legislation, including by entering into of appropriate data transfer agreements with third parties of your personal data, where necessary.

IV. Data storage time

We retain, store and maintain your information (i) for as long as required by law and to comply with regulatory and legal requirements; (ii) until the end of the processing of personal data, as mentioned below; or (iii) for the time necessary to preserve the interest of APR Seguros (such as, for example, during applicable statute of limitations or compliance with legal or regulatory obligations).

The end of the processing of personal data will occur when it is verified:

That the purpose for which the data was collected has been achieved or that the personal data collected is no longer necessary or relevant to the achievement of the specific purpose sought;

A statement by the Holder in this regard, especially in cases in which APR Seguros has received specific consent for a certain processing of personal data and that there is no other legal basis that justifies the continuity of the treatment; or

Legal determination.

In these cases of termination of processing of personal data, except for the cases established by applicable legislation or by this Privacy Policy, the personal data will be deleted.

V. Rights in relation to the processing of personal data

As established by Law 13.709/2018 (General Data Protection Law), Data Subjects have rights with regard to their personal data, including:

Confirmation of the existence of processing of personal data.
Upon request of the Holder, APR Seguros will inform you about the processing of your personal data, in accordance with the applicable legislation;

Access to personal data.
The Holder may request access to their personal data collected and stored by APR Seguros;

Correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data.
The Holder may, at any time, request the rectification of their personal data;

Information on shared use of data.
Information about the sharing of personal data can be found in this Privacy Policy. APR Seguros makes itself available to the Holder in the event of additional clarifications;

Deletion of personal data.
The Holder may request the deletion of personal data that have been collected by APR Seguros based on the Holder’s consent or if he has reason to believe that the processing of his personal data is not being carried out in accordance with the law, at any time, by means of free and facilitated demonstration. The elimination of personal data can only be complete for personal data that are not necessary for compliance with legal, contractual obligations, for the protection of your legitimate interest and in other cases legally admitted;

Revocation of Consent.
The Holder may revoke the consent that he has given to APR Seguro for the processing of his personal data for certain purposes, at any time, through a free and facilitated manifestation. It is important to inform you that the treatments carried out prior to the revocation of consent are ratified and that the request for revocation will not imply the deletion of personal data previously processed or that are maintained by this broker based on other legal grounds.

SAW. Change in Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to amend or update this Privacy Policy from time to time. The new Privacy Policy will take effect immediately upon publication. If you do not agree with the revised Policy or have questions about the new version of the document, please contact APR Seguros.

VII. Controller and Supervisor

APR Seguros is the controller of the holders’ personal data processed within the scope of this Privacy Policy. The person in charge of the processing of personal data (“Careee”) can be contacted by email protecaodedados@aprseguros.com.br to resolve any doubts.

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