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Specialist risk management consultancy

Risk Analysis – Due Diligence

Companies are inserted in a dynamic business environment that requires constant attention in the management of their risks.

At APR, we are able to provide an analysis of the risks of your operation, as well as a proactive planning of such risks, minimizing potential exposures, reducing response time and losses in real crisis situations.

Through the proper Due Diligence process, we allow companies to understand and previously assess business risks and mitigate possible threats to avoid future losses – inherited or not, in mergers and acquisitions processes – and even fraud and irregularities, to guarantee the success of the project.

Service to companies with a multinational presence

We understand that companies with a presence around the world need to comply with the rules, regulations and tax rules of each country and, aware of how this influences their business.

APR professionals bring this background capable of providing the best risk management to your business, in addition to optimizing your insurance program.

If you have operations in several countries, consult our professionals as we can provide greater coverage at a lower cost, this will bring greater peace of mind to your operation.

International Risk Placement

If your company operates in several countries, imports or exports goods, APR has international partners spread across the main regions to serve the customer who needs insurance placement abroad.

We are able to provide the ideal solution for your risk profile, mitigating the possible financial impacts on your operation.

Our global partners allow for better negotiation with markets around the world, in addition to providing the design of the insurance program that best adapts to the reality of each client.


Companies with large operations may face difficulties in contracting insurance for a variety of reasons, whether due to the high rates charged by the market, the difficulty in insuring risks with little appetite for insurers and reinsurers, lack of capacity, among other reasons.

Faced with these situations, we at APR can study the feasibility of structuring a captive for its operation.

Cativa is the structuring of an insurance brokerage dedicated 100% to the client’s operation, providing total control of their risks, greater protection and financial stability, maximizing the results for their operation, in addition to generating revenue as the company reverts to its own benefit. insurance brokerage income.

In the study of captives, we structure alternatives for uninsurable risks in order to guarantee the continuity of their business.


Reinsurance is a way of making it possible to take out insurance when it is not possible to place it on the local market, either due to lack of capacity, lack of appetite or even the limitations of products in Brazil.

In the face of any of the situations mentioned above, APR is able to seek a solution in reinsurance to enable the risk to be insured.

It is also through Reinsurance solutions that we enable our customers to contract existing Insurance in the international market. Standing out among these solutions, Insurance for cryptocurrency trading and sports betting.

Claims Solutions

APR counts on specialized professionals to guarantee the adequate regulation of the claim, so that the client is fully compensated for the losses suffered in its operation in the shortest possible time.

We understand that this is the moment when the client recognizes the importance of insurance with the materialization of the obligation to indemnify and for this reason we understand that proactivity is essential in the process.

We accompany the client from reporting the incident to the payment of compensation, in addition to revisiting accident prevention measures so that similar events do not happen again, minimizing the costs, impact and frequency of their claims.

Our success in recovering our clients’ losses allows us to say that we are the authority on the subject.

Our claims solutions go beyond the regulation of Insurance contracted with APR.

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