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Engineering Risk Insurance


The purpose of the Engineering Risk Insurance is to guarantee financial losses for material damage caused to the work, resulting from a sudden and unforeseen accident, which may result in damage or destruction of Civil Engineering works, equipment and/or machinery. used in construction, including (collapse, fire, explosion, theft, qualified theft, among others), damages that may be caused to third parties, resulting from the execution of the work.

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There are numerous other coverages that can be hired according to the particularity of each work:

  • Extraordinary expenses
  • Riots / Strike / Lockout
  • Expenses with Debris
  • Mobile and Stationary Equipment
  • Comprehensive Maintenance
  • Maintenance Warranty for New Machines and Equipment
  • Design Error for Civil Works / Manufacturer Risks with/without itself
  • Contracted Works / Facilities - Accepted or Put into Operation
  • Fire after delivery of the Work
  • Temporary Installations or Temporary Works
  • General and Cross Civil Liability with/without foundations
  • Employer Civil Liability
  • Moral damages
  • Water Spillage, Seepage or Discharges
  • Storage Outside the Risk Location
  • Expert Fees
  • Recomposition of Documents
  • Drilling Works Water Wells
  • Civil Works, Installations and Assemblies Completed
  • Chartering of Aircraft
  • Leak research costs in laying pipes
  • Office Equipment and Computers
  • Claims salvage and containment expenses
  • Circulation of Motor Vehicles
  • Loss of Expected Profits ("ALOP")
  • Surrounding Properties
  • Transport of Materials to be Incorporated into the Work
  • Small and Medium Tools

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