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Environmental Civil Liability Insurance


The cause of environmental damage can be held civilly and criminally liable for the damage caused to the environment. Environmental damage can quickly worsen and generate incalculable losses capable of putting your business at risk.

Environmental Liability Insurance offers broad coverage different from that offered in General Civil Liability Insurance, whose coverage is intended only for sudden pollution.
It can be hired for infrastructure works, provision of services, commercial and industrial operations, transport.

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Among the main coverages are:

  • Cleaning (remediation) costs and expenses at both the insured's and third party's premises
  • Bodily and material damage to third parties resulting from a pollution event
  • Coverage extensions for Pollution Conditions of Cargo Carried
  • Co-responsibility for the treatment and final disposal of waste and Pollution conditions arising from the provision of services at a third party location
  • Loss of profits of the insured due to a pollution event

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