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Insurance for Cryptocurrency Trading


The cryptocurrency market is one of the investment options with high profitability potential today. Because of this, it has increasingly attracted the attention of investors with a bold profile and even institutional investors.

Like many other types of investments, the cryptocurrency market has risks and advantages. Not to mention the volatility and low visibility when it comes to future projections, one of the points that deserves attention is that, as it is decentralized, central bank regulation in each country is still incipient or non-existent, so there are no minimum rules previously established by the local authorities that give comfort to the investor in relation to the operator of that currency.

We realize that many Investors understand the value proposition of digital assets that are increasingly valued as a source of income, but most do not have the technical knowledge to properly examine potential custodians in relation to the integrity of the custody architecture.

Cryptocurrencies are assets that are difficult to trace, exposed to loss, theft or destruction through criminal or fraudulent activities.

Through this insurance you will give your client greater comfort in operating with your company and transfer any losses that may arise from the activity for which they may be held responsible.

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We offer insurance for the transfer of risk related to this type of operation to the Brazilian market, including:

  • Directors and Officers (D&O)
  • Errors and Omissions (E&O)
  • Digital Asset
  • Cyber

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