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Kidnapping Insurance (K&R)


Kidnapping has always been a reality in Brazil and the motivator for such a practice to always obtain financial advantage.

It is believed that the profile of kidnapped people was mostly of people with a high level of purchasing power, however we observe that these are not the only victims of the kidnappers. With the increase in crime, this profile became that of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, middle-class families and even tourists, without forgetting professionals who occupy high positions in large companies whose kidnappers believe that the ransom payment will be made by the company.

That’s why there is kidnapping insurance. Its purpose is not limited to the payment of the ransom, it also has assistance and specialized advice in case of crisis.

It is a product that can be contracted by individuals and legal entities and can be extended to spouses, children, parents and stepchildren.

Among the main features of the product stand out:

  • Rescue
  • Extortion or Extortion by Kidnapping
  • Private Prison of the Insured
  • Expenses with the delivery of the ransom payment
  • Medical expenses, including psychologists and physiotherapy
  • Personal Accidents (death, disability)
  • Expenses with advertisements, prizes for information, public relations of companies, aiming at the release of the kidnapped or attending the extortion negotiation
  • Interest on loans taken out to pay the ransom
  • Expenses and wages lost due to Detention or Imprisonment in another country
  • Political Risk (companies)

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