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It is very common for companies and individuals to need to lease a property to perform a commercial or usual function, in view of this, the lease guarantee, provided for in the tenancy law, aims to ensure the owner of the property the compensation for the damages that he may suffer as a result of the default. for non-payment of rent by the tenant.

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The advantages of contracting this type of guarantee are:

  • In the event of the expectation of a claim, payments precede a court decision
  • The contracted coverage guarantees the payment of rents and lease charges, damage to the property, painting and termination fine
  • The insured is entitled to reimbursement of court costs and legal fees
  • Total security in leasing contracts, avoiding the risk of fraud
  • Legal advice in cases of eviction action - without expenses and inconvenience
  • Ease of hiring
  • No embarrassment in the search for a guarantor
  • Insurance premium with attractive and differentiated costs
  • Confidential credit analysis
  • Does not compromise credit line with banks and Bacen
  • Payment in installments
  • Some insurers also offer additional coverage such as painting the property, repairs in general, among others.

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