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The main objective of maritime vessels is to transport materials, in all their forms, from one port to another with safety and quality. Various factors such as the natural environment, politics, other vessels and even its members do not always cooperate for this objective to be achieved, putting at risk fundamental parts, such as its machines, its hull, installations, among other equipment.

The Marine Hull Insurance aims to provide financial protection to activities related to navigation or naval construction, repairing the losses suffered by the insured or beneficiary for losses and damages to the vessel during its construction, operation, or even its dismantling.

Among the main coverages are:

  • Total loss;
  • Assistance and Rescue;
  • Major Damage or;
  • Civil Liability for Collision or;
  • Private fault;
  • Disbursement
  • Excess Liabilities
  • Increased Value;
  • Shipbuilders Insurance;
  • Complementary Civil Liability (P&I);
  • War and Strikes.

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