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Risk management is a fundamental item for carriers and large corporations that deal with the transport of their own or third-party cargo.

The purpose of National or International Transport Insurance is to guarantee the insured the indemnity resulting from damages caused to own or third-party goods during Air, Waterway, Cabotage, Pipeline, Rail and Road transport.

Transport Insurance can be contracted in different modalities according to the contracting party and the need for coverage. We can help you with your need and the least expensive way to secure your cargo.

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Among the main coverage in the various types of Transport Insurance, the following stand out:

  • Accidents and breakdowns (damage and loss caused to goods, merchandise and products transported during the trip);
  • Expenses in defense, recovery and minimization of losses and damages;
  • Thefts in the warehouse, whether on board or not of the vehicle;
  • Additional: Freight, expenses, expected profits and taxes;
  • Cleaning and clearing the runway + Environmental RC.

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